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Yusuf Razak

The Effects of Community based Management in Sedimentation Reduction


The Increasing Trend of Traditional Art Market in Malaysia


Investigating the Impact of Corporate Governance on the Cost of Debt and Cost of Capital in Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange

N.Ashenah, G.A.Shahverdi

The Challenge of Managing Pupils’ Discipline in Tanzanian Schools

Y. Kambuga

Evaluation of the Relationship between Coping Strategies and Stress after Trauma in Parents of Children with Cancer in the City of Tehran in 2013

P.Damercheli, A.Khoshkonesh, T.Pourebrahim

Studying the Effect of Protective Policies of the Government in the Agriculture Sector of Khuzestan Province by Using of the Policy Analysis Matrix


Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Style Primary Education Administrators “Semnan”

H.N.Hezarjribi, S.Shirzadi

The Relationship between the Poverty and Malaria in Malaysia


Reviewing Solutions to Create a Learning-Friendly Environment for Elementary Teachers of District 20 in Tehran (2010-2011)

H.N.Hezarjribi, J.Davoodi, A.Davoudi

The Effect of Information Technology on Financial Reporting in Accepted Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange

N. Kavianpour, A.Tahamtan

Home Economic Education to Reduce the Poverty


An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Air Pollution and Health Case Study: Tehran

M.Sahebzadeh, A.Nazemi, A.Pourezzat, Y.Rashidi, S.Khazaee

Discerning and Ranking Advertising Media in Order to Have Effective Relationship with Customers Case Study: In Export Development Bank of Iran

Z.Jazayeri, T.R.Arbatani

The Effect of Employee Voice on Work Engagement through Trust in Management

M.M.Maymand, M.Abdollahi, S.Elhami

The Outcomes of Privatisation of Public Enterprises A Case Study of India


Identify the Relationship between Managers' Competency Styles in Training Efficient Human Resources

A.H.Amirkhani, M.Mokhtari, H.Moammai

The Efficiency of Intellectual Capital on Performance of Automobile Manufacturing Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

M.Salehi, H.Arayesh

Review Process, Training, Lifelong Learning Approach

H.N.Hezarjribi, Z.E.Ghavi, H.A.E.Ghavi

Prediction of Financial Distress by Using Criteria for Cash Flow Statement in Companies Listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

S.M.Madineh, A.R.Sohrabi, A.Mohammadi, A.Veismoradi

Investigating the Level of Organizational Identity and its Relationship with Quality of Life of Employees Case Study: Employees of (Education Part) Lorestan University of Medical Sciences

M.J.Khazai, M.Nadri, A.Akbari

Overdependence of Malaysia Economy on Petroleum Income

K.Shaufique, N.Rasiah

The Effect of the Corporate Governance on Disclosure Quality in Tehran Stock Exchange

A.Ostadhashemi, M.Shafati, M.Aliei 

The Survey of the Relationship between Information Literacy with Organizational Effectiveness Given the Role of Mediator Emotional Intelligence Case Study: Payame Noor University Golestan Province


The Correlation into Knowledge Schooling to Organizational Success due to the Resolving Role of Passionate Sense

S.E.Rasoli, H.A.N.Hezarjaribi

Role of Organizational Climate on the Creativity of Human Resources between Private and Public Employees Banks Alborz Province


An Empirical Study: Investigating the Relationship between Ownership Structure and external Financing in Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange with considering the control variable Company size, Beta coefficient and Return on Investment (ROI)

M.E.Daneshvar, O.I.Khoshkhoo, A.Aminian, J.Jamali

Investigating the effect of Specialty and Continuation of Auditor Selection on Investment Efficiency of Employer in Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

S.Lashgarara, M.Khorramabadi

Studying the Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Export Level with Considering the Mediating Variables of Innovative Performance and Organizational Learning Capabilities in Iran Khodro Company


Agricultural Market in Both State and Liberalized System: A Case Study of Sudan


A Review of the Role of Talent Management on the Partnership Motivation of Employees


Presenting a Dynamic Model to Improve the Performance of Green Marketing Mediating Role through Resource Commitment Case Study: Marketing Managers of Zanjan Province

R.Pirayesh, S.Karami

The Effect of the Financial Constraints Management and Agency Costs on Investment Efficiency


The Role of Curriculum in Entrepreneurship Development of Schools

L.Salimi, V.Fallah, H.A.N.Hezarjaribi

Investigating the Relationship between Social Responsibility of Company and Market Risk in Corporations of Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

A.A.Mehr, S.Pirnajmedin

Investigating the Effect of Knowledge Acquisition on Price, Sale and Distribution in Marketing in (SMEs) of Hamedan City

F.Alinezhad, E.E.Kiyasari

The Impact of Budget Deficit on Inflation Evidence from India


Identifying the Effective Factors on Effectiveness of Network Marketing and Solution to Improve this Type of Marketing

E.A.Motlaghi, H.Heidari

An Empirical Study: Investigating the Effect of Culture, Attraction, Quality and Size of Viral Marketing on Brand Equity in Success of Market Case Study: Samsung Mobiles

E.A.Motlaghi, N.Ghadami

Takeover Rules in ever Laos Changing Corporate Setting


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