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The Influence of Medical Training Quality on Society

Yusuf Razak

Simulation Games Engagement in Business Activities

M.Hosaka, M.Mat.J

Effect of Supply Chain Management Strategy on Company Performance with Mediating Role T-JIT

A.Marhamati, M.Taheri, M.H.Hesamzadeh

Corruption, Banking Sector and Exchange Market Development Case Study: A Selection of the Middle East Member Countries

S.Agha.A, M.Khodapanah

Explaining and Analyzing Knowledge Management Role in Ranking Managers of Service Organizations through Using Fuzzy Analysis Hierarchical Process (Case Study: Iran Insurance)

A.Habibi, F.Rigi, M.Anari

Performance Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch Azad Islamic University: Integrating BSC

M.Azari, M.Moballeghi

Evaluate Amount of Enjoyment Math Book Content of Fourth Elementary from Components of Creativity in Terms of Teachers

M.A.Safar, M.Seifi

The Mediating Role of Brand Equity in Influences Brand Factors on Customer Loyalty (Case Study: Institute of Educational Services Nyayesh in Shiraz)


Study of Relationship between Organizational Health and Job Security with Organizational Citizenship Behavior

T.Rahmanian, S.Ahmadi

The Relationship between the Hidden Curriculum and the Environmental Protection

S.Saadatmand, S.Ahmadi

Consideration of the Impact of Debt Maturities on the Relationship between Accounting Conservatism and Companies' External Financing in Companies Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

R.Fallah, A.A.Qobadpour

Presentation of an Effective Motivational Model for Female and Male High School Teachers in Gachsaran City towards Administration

M.Bazipour, M.Habibidoust

Investigating Chaushen Chen Perceived Risk Model in E-Banking Services Customers Case Study: Tehran State Bank Customers

A.A.Ahmadi, M.Geramipoor, H.R.Homay.F

Initial Support of Parents and Paternal and Maternal Affections on Self-Regulation and Its Strategies in Students

H.Safari, S.Negahdari, P.Doudman

Structural Model of Brand Equity in Pharmaceutical Industry


A Critical Analysis of Quranyun's Perceptions about the Writing of Tradition

M.Arianfar, H.Naghizade, M.Irvany.N

Developing and Validating Cultural Planning Framework in Open and Distance Universities

M.Ranjpour, M.Farajolahi, M.R.Sarmadi, R.Norouzzadeh

Evaluation of the Relationship between Assets Growth Rate and Retained Earnings Growth with Fluctuations of Earnings Forecast of Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange

Y.Tari.V, A.H.Karbalee

A Review of the Career Preparation of Female School Administrators

N.Hajek, Sh.Ahmad 

The Role of Customer Based Brand Equity on the Brand Resonance in Buying the Insurance Policy

M.J.Taghipourian, H.Noormohammadan

Present a Model of Technological Secondary Innovation Leverage for Iranian Enterprises in Information Technology Domain

A.Jafarnejad, H.Safari, M.Ahmadzadeh.Gh

Promote Teaching Effectiveness Using High Self Perceptions of Teachers


Role of Moral Intelligence in Predicting Job Performance of Female

S. Razavi, Gh.Sanagooe.M, M. Shirazi, M. AjAsaran

Identifying the Challenges of Health Tourism Opportunities (Case Study: Iran)


The Problems of Investment in the Tourism Sector

F.Rahmani, H.Khaksar, H.Rafiei

Factors Affecting Investment in the Tourism Sector


Pathology Relationship between Corporate Governance Audit Decisions About Risk Assessment and Planning

Ali Jouri.M

Using Painting Cognition Method in Architectural Designing of Playing Spaces in Nursery Schools

I.Karami, Sh.Shakouri.P

Student-Athlete Pattern to Improve Skilles- A Review

H. Kh.Reidpath

Study the Effect of Audit Tenure on Investor's Capability in Predicting Future Profits


Educational Outcomes of Ontology "Nihilism" from Nietzsche's View

H.Asmaayl.P, P.Doodman, S.Zare

Consideration of the Relationship between Managerial Overconfidence and Profit Management in Companies Accepted in Tehran Stock Exchange

A.Hejabi.G, M.M.Abbasian

Regionalisation to Promote Higher Education A Case Study of Namibia


Study on the Effect of Actual Revenue Management on Accounting Costs of Listed Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange

M.Hamidian, S.M.Shahsahebi

Comparing the Effectiveness of Group Meta-Cognitive Therapy and Schema Therapy on Decreasing Severity of Depression and Rumination in Patients with Treatment Resistance Depression

T.Moazzeni, S.Gholamrezae, F.Rezae

Impact of Coping Skills Training in Reducing Test Anxiety (Case Study: Second Grade High School in Tehran)

M.Ebrahimi, M.K.Bourani, M.Mazloom, H.R.Asadi, E.Fazeli, S.S.Khanghah, M.Shasti, S.M.Kheiri

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